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Since my vocabulary has grown as much as it has, Daddy decided to dedicate an entire page for my favorite words and phrases. Maybe someday I'll be comfortable enough to say them for my Daddy who keeps sticking this funny looking thing in my face and tells me to talk. I just look at him when he does that.

My Daddy can ask me what the kitty cat says (Daddy calls him Ohio). I answer back with meow. Then Daddy asks me what the doggy says (I see them on TV) and I say roof roof. Daddy asks me if I'm a chicken and I sound just like one. Then he asks me if I'm a turkey and I say gobble, gobble, gobble, just like a real turkey.

There's always the frog too. I say ribbet, ribbet, then I say fRRROG.

Another favorite animal is the horse. I say clip clop, clip clop and then I say That's a horse, clip clop, clip clop, That's a horse.

It took me a while, but I finally learned what an Owl is. Now I say Whooo, Whooo, Whooo, Whooo. That's an Owl.

I can say Hi Ohio. Only I like to say HiOhio really fast and squashed together. (side note: Ohio passed away on September 23, 1998, 15 1/2 years old).

I can say Hey Bert (of Bert and Ernie fame), followed by Hey Ernie. Or my own twist of Hey Barney (my favorite on PBS). Sometimes I'll throw out a Hey Mister. I like to say Barney, Boko Bird every once and a while. And on some rare occasions, I'll say Barney, Macky Bird. The regular way is Hey, Boko Bird.

I like to say Mister Rogers. I see him on TV twice a day and he is really nice. I like him so much I sometimes can't stop saying Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers...I've also been known to call my Daddy Hey Mister Hamburger.

I like to say Alright, I'll be back, because Daddy always says that whenever he leaves Mac and me alone. Sometimes I'll put everything together and say Bye Bye, I'll be back, see ya later. I also say Alright, go bye bye. I got Bye Bye from Barney on TV.

I've learned Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers!!! I always practice saying it really fast, like my Daddy. He sometimes can't say it at all, he starts laughing too much...

I've also learned to say Oh Boy and I'm Sorry. My Daddy says I'm Sorry to me when he pushes my feathers the wrong way and I squawk. I've also picked up Ooops sorry as another way to say this.

I like to say Hey Mac and Hi Mac a real lot. Daddy says it with me too. I also like to say Macky, Boko Bird. But I know that Mac is a big bird, so I have to be careful of him.

I'm doing phrases too. Like I say Hey, want some hamburgers? Then I say Hot peppers. I've also learned to boss my Daddy around and I tell Get some food or I'll say Get some hamburgers. Or I say Ries, which means French Fries...

Of course, a hamburger isn't the only thing to eat here. I ask my Daddy things like Hey want some pizza? Or, I try Hey wanna get some pizza? If he doesn't listen, then I say Yea, go get some pizza! That might work once in a while...Until I call my Daddy Mr. Pizza!

Sometimes I like to say Go outside. Or Shower and some mumbling and then I say Outside.

I really get Daddy going when I imitate him and say Alright, that's it, Alright, I'm coming over there. He laughs when I say that.

Some grumbling then I'll say Monster and growl like a real monster (I'm just imitating my Daddy). I also call Mac a monster now and then.

I like to say Are you talking? to my Daddy. He starts to talk to me then. If he doesn't, then I say Hey Talk. Or he'll say what's talkin'.

I've certainly learned Mac's Hello. Only I've extended it many ways and say hello.....hello....HELLO.....HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO.

Not perfect, but I say motorcycle and then I make the motorcyle noises. And I've also learned to do truck noises, I can do the backup beepers on trucks really well (Daddy likes that!).

Since I watch so much PBS television, I really caught on to some of the songs. I like to sing cookie, cookie, cookie, over and over (those are the only words I know). I also whistle the beginning to Sesame Street. Mac and I like that show a lot.

I like to boss everyone around. I say Come on, Come on, Come here, Come on! Then I'll add You come over here. Sometimes Daddy listens to me...

I finally learned No Bite. Daddy kept asking me to tell Mac not to do that whenever Mac is biting Daddy. I also tell Mac he's a Bad Bird too. I say it in nice low voice, he thinks I mean it. Like I say You're Bad Bird Bite! Or I'll say Bad Bird Bite. After a while, I'll let out it's O.K.

Mac and I have been practicing letters in the alphabet. We don't do it that boring way Daddy does, the same sequence over and over. We've invented our own order. So he says we just randomly call out letters, like EYE, RRRRRR, AAAAAA. Daddy keeps going A B C D blah blah blah. I say QQQQQQQQUUUUUU.

Daddy doesn't like this one, but I say Alright, Get Back to Work. He tells ME to get back to work. What's Work??? Or, should I say What's that?

I've gotten really good at Peek-A-Boo. I say it with a lot of emphasis.

Daddy watches so many action shows on TV I've learned to go Bang Bang Bang. And he constantly watches Star Trek, so I had to learn it!

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