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The Star
Here are the best of last weeks pictures (May 21, 2006). Be sure to press reload on your browser if the date doesn't look right. Thumbnails are provided as they might not always be as great as my Mac Moments. If you'd like to see what I'm up to right now, be sure to go check out the Mac Cam!

Did you know there's The Boko Cam now? It gets updated right along with The Mac Cam!

Did you know my picture is updated every minute? That's over 600 pictures a day on average...Since I can't convince my Daddy to check out every one of them, he only saves one every 10 minutes. That still gives him over 400 to choose from each week, but I'm sure he's missing a lot of good ones.

If you're interested in knowing more about Mac's house, go view the complete specifications. If you want to know how the Mac and Boko Cam works, go look here. If you want to ask us questions and/or express your opinions to us, send mail to us. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word macaw followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. Let us know if it's for Mac or Boko!

Mmmmm, nice bread tonight... These ropes are lots of fun to play on!
Some of these nuts taste pretty good! I'm hiding up here while I play...
Ahhhh, nice cool water...

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