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These links are places my Daddy shows me when I sit with him at his stupid computer. One day I'm going to chew all the wires for him!

If you want to ask me questions about any of this information, send me mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. I'll ask my Daddy for help on any questions if I need to. Sometimes he answers me in a way I can understand.

Commercial Sites

  • The Aviary - Lots of information regarding birds, well organized.
  • Birds N Ways - A complete guide to exotic birds across the INet. A place worth visiting.
  • Aviculture Site - more info on pet birds than you can shake a stick at.
  • The Pet Bird Report - A magazine dedicated to providing bird owners with the information they need to have and/or raise the best companion parrots possible.
  • Changing Horizons - Web/Mail order business featuring the Feather Tether harness to keep your babies in control.

Information Sites

Bird Pages

EMail Lists

  • Macaws, Birdtech, others - All the lists one would be interested are here!

    Please note, each of these lists sometimes generate 50 or more messages a day. Be prepared to read a lot about birds! Daddy had to buy Boko and I our own computer, it takes us so long to read it all.


  • Yahoo! - Go directly to the Bird search page.
  • Yahoo! - Go directly to the individual bird page.

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