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NEW-> March 11th, 2001, where's all the updates? We can't get our Daddy to maintain this page because he always says he's got work to do. We want our share of time!!! Well, the good news is that Daddy is always around and has been for over the last year. He works right here next to us all day long so we get to seem him constantly! It's been lots of fun because now we have so much more attention.

Our days have been pretty routine however. Other than some trips we've taken to go see the doggies and grandma and all these other people. We still take our showers and I love to get the whole bathroom wet when I take mine. Our email address changed so Daddy had to change these pages, finally.

October 29th, 1999, major upset in this house these last two days. Daddy and some buddy of his went and re-arranged the whole area here where I play. They even moved my incredibly nice house to a different wall and I no longer have a window seat!!! That little squirt Boko took over my old space, that little runt. Of course, now I'm a little closer to my Daddy, who always seems to be sitting there with those stupid computers he says he works on. I wish he'd play with me!

Well, since Daddy has no idea what he's doing most of the time, my camera is probably all messed up now that everything has moved around. Not to mention how messed up the inside of my house is now that he re-arranged all the ropes and branches. It'll take me at least another week to get used to this setup.

October 25th, 1999, well, I was really down and out of it this last week. Daddy is too dumb to know what was wrong with me, but I was depressed and not eating very well at all. In fact, Daddy says I lost over 50 grams of my weight (I usually weigh around 900 grams, sometimes up to 950). I'm better now, but you'd think Daddy would pay even more attention to me, that bum...

September 12th, 1999, now Daddy says he's working all the time, right in front of us! And there's a new pain in my life, his name is Nunzio. He even looks like Boko! Little squirt, I'll get him yet. We have all been having a good time with Daddy all summer too, lots of trips in the car, we get showers all the time now, it's been a real fun time lately.

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