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The Star
This is a running tally of news items previously found on my main page. It also serves as my diary so I can go back and remember all these moments in my life.

I've been living with my crazy Daddy since August of 1995. He treats me extremely well, as you'll see if you look at my pictures. Have you seen the house he built for me? I can't call it a cage, it's too big and there's no bars! And to top all that, there's the Mac Cam!

News items of 1997
News items of 1996

May 30th, 1999, ever since Daddy has been on this thing he says is a vacation, Boko and I have been having a blast. Daddy takes us on this long ride in the car to go visit Grandma (Boko loves her) every week. He gives us showers all the time, takes us outside in the back yard to our favorite tree (it's an apple tree).

I also had quite a bout with pin feathers this year. Boy, they were really bothering me a lot. Most of them are gone now, but there's still some left and I hope they go away soon!

April 5th, 1999, Daddy took us for a short ride yesterday. We saw some dogs and cats and all kinds of humans were around. I had a good time because I got to sit where everyone was eating. That Boko was there too, but I wasn't paying any attention to him.

Daddy is still hanging around a lot lately! Now he's been making all kinds of noise right outside and drags these pieces of nice looking wood in and out. I'd love to chew on them, they look good. He says it is for Boko's house. If that bird gets a house bigger than mine, that's it!

February 23rd, 1999, it's absolutely unbelievable. Daddy has been around all the time, day in and day out. Boko and I have been trying to figure it out, but he's always around. Of course now he pays more attention to us and that's why it's so unbelievable!

We also went for a big ride in Daddy's car one day. He took us to a house where he says Grandma lives. It was ok. There was a big fat cat there and I got to hang around with my Daddy most of the time.

December 27th, 1998, I can't believe what my Daddy did! He created The Boko Cam! Now who'd want to look at that little bird when they have someone as beautiful as me to look at!?!

We also had a really busy time the last few days. Daddy took us to this house where there were dogs and cats and food and humans and all kinds of commotion. I had a fun time and hope we go out again soon, I like going for rides in that thing Daddy calls a car.

November 29th, 1998, Wow, Boko and I had such a great time this Thanksgiving! We went out for a nice ride with Daddy in the car, and we had some really good food too! Good thing our friendly turkey survived another hunting season...

November 8th, 1998, What a mess everything was this weekend. Daddy decided to completely clean my house and it'll never be the same...Go look at what a scene it was right here. September 6th, 1998, Wow! Daddy took a day off from work and actually improved The Mac Cam! The picture gets updated every minute now! Boko and I have been doing the day in and day out routine for the last couple of weeks...Not too much excitement... July 5th, 1998, Boko and I had such a blast these last two weekends. We went out to some nice picnics, getting lots of good food and having lots of excitement. We both got really tired with so much activity. It was fun spending so much time with Daddy.

June 14th, 1998, Well, Daddy went and did it again. He rearranged the inside of my house. It was really fun though, as I got to help him inside my house the whole time! Check out some of these antics on The Weekly Mac Shots. The new setup is pretty nice too. I have more wing room!

May 31th, 1998, Boko and I have been getting lots of showers lately. We've been going outside too, in an apple tree we get to chew up! What fun that is. It's better than some old bush Daddy used to put us in. You can see some pictures of Boko and me outside by clicking right here. May 10th, 1998, This last week was really tough. I wasn't feeling my normal self, Daddy kept telling me to eat but I just wasn't hungry. I kept looking at the birds outside, wishing that some day one of them would be my friend...Sigh...It's spring and I feel funny...I'm feeling a lot better now that Daddy spent the weekend at home and kept Boko and me quite busy. We had a nice shower and lots of good food to eat.

April 19th, 1998, Wow! What a day I had today...Daddy took me and Boko for a nice long ride in that box he puts us all in and we saw Grandma and had all kinds of excitement along the way. We saw a whole bunch of other people too, and they were making all kinds of noise and laughing a lot. Boko and I would pitch in to the noise once and a while, but it was too wild to say very much. I got some goodies to eat too, so it was quite a day for me. Boy was I tired tonight when we finally got home...

And did you see what Daddy did to my house??? He re-arranged the whole thing again. Just when I had that last setup down so well...

April 5th, 1998, Daddy finally put my new toys in my house. What a nice wood branch he got for me. I like it because it's really big and it feels nice under my feet. You'll see me in the camera more now, since this is my new fun toy to be on...

March 29th, 1998, Wow! The excitement was around here today. Daddy gave us another nice shower and both Boko and I went outside! Wow, was that nice! It was nice and sunny and warm. We got to dry our feathers the natural way...What a fun day we had. Then Daddy got us some new scary toys...Maybe in a few days we'll want to play with them.

February 22th, 1998, Well, life is back to normal (whatever that is) around here. Daddy gave us our nice shower and even played with us! It's about time! I was almost starting to like Boko a little! Daddy says our problems with the Internet are over for now. Lucky us huh? Now everyone gets to see us playing again on The Mac Cam!

February 20th, 1998, Wow! Big problems around here the last couple of days. Daddy kept screaming about lightning or some such thing. I know he kept Boko and me up really late last night while he was working in front of us. He kept moaning about routing tables and getting connected to the Internet...He's so strange...We didn't even get our nice shower today!

January 18th, 1998, This past week ended with lots of excitement. Our lights kept going on and off, there was all this ice outside and Daddy was with us through it all!!! It was so quiet in our house that Boko and I didn't know what to do. No Barney, no Sesame Street, no Magic School Bus!!!

January 4th, 1998, Happy New Year! Boko and I got to see our Daddy a lot these last few days so we've been really happy. And it was nice outside today so we got to go out for just a little while. It's nice getting direct sun on our feathers again.

If you want to ask me questions about any of this information, send me mail. I can't show you my whole email address because spammers will grab it but it is the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. I'll ask my Daddy for help on any questions if I need to. Sometimes he answers me in a way I can understand.

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