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The Star
Since Daddy had nothing better to do this weekend (November 7th, 8th), we made him clean my house and that little squirts area (Boko still doesn't have a real house yet...). As it's customary for me to offer as much help as possible, here's some pictures of the fun we had!

Hey Dad...get over here and clean this place up! Boko look - your house is gone!
Say...this doesn't look right, you're in the wrong house Boko! I'm coming after you now you little squirt.
Whew! Thanks for saving my butt Dad...Mac almost got me! So how about getting me outta here soon???
Will someone come and save me from here??? Maybe I can fly outta this place...
Really Dad...I'll help if you let me out... Someone is being scolded for attacking Boko...
The warriors are keeping their distance for now... There's that little runt...Now if Daddy isn't looking...
Mac is making sure his Daddy is having fun. You missed a spot a little to your left there...
Come on Dad...let's play for a while before you clean there.. I said...let's play for a little while...
And if you do a good job, I won't bite you Dad! Yee-Ha! I'm having so much fun today!

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