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The Star
If you want to see my house, view it here. I'll just cover the specifications, according to the information I could get out of my Daddy. He claims that because of this, he now knows all the employees at the local Home Depot and they no longer ask to see his drivers license when he writes a check!
  • The dimensions are 8 feet wide on the back side, tapered to 4 feet wide on the front side. It's 3 1/2 feet from front to back and 8 feet tall! My Daddy wanted me to have some real space to play and exercise.

  • The basic frame structure is composed of 1x2 pine boards, using 1x6 and 1x4 facia boards to provide triangular support. These boards are nailed together (no glue).

  • The clear glass-looking material is actually LEXAN (from General Electric Plastics). Although fairly expensive material, it provides really good strength (I can't chew through it). It's also lightweight enough to allow the framing material to hold it up.

  • The bottom of the cage is constructed with metal shelving so I can't escape (at least not very easily) and has wooden trays which hold corn meal for you know what...There's about four inches of space below the metal shelving to provide room for these trays as well as air flow for me.

  • There's a roof on the top as well. It's constructed the same as the walls so I can get light from there and I don't get any feeling of being caged. My Daddy hangs ropes and toys from it too, so I have plenty of things to climb and swing on. The roof is lifted one inch off the walls all the way around to provide air flow.

  • The roof also has a few standard fluorescent lamp fixtures on it, which hold numerous 40-watt full spectrum lights.
  • The front door is two feet wide by five feet tall so my Daddy can get right into my house to re-arrange things, do general cleaning and if I ever get good enough with the locks, I'll trap him in there!

  • All the wood was sanded, stained and polyurethaned for that nice, furniture quality appearance (the kind I like to destruct!).

If you were to view my house from the inside, you'd see that I can't access any of the wood because the Lexan material completely seals it from me (shucks). My Daddy also drills holes through the Lexan to mount things like my food/water bowls, wooden dowels to perch on and every once in a while a nice treat, like those delicious honey nut sticks. He also mounted some of those manzanita perches for me to chew the heck out of.

I really like my house. I get plenty of exercise in it and although you can't see it from the camera view, I have a very nice view of my Daddy's back yard which is all woods. There's all kinds of wild animals that come by thoughout the day, like rabbits, big wild turkeys, squirrels and once in a while these great big animals (I think my Daddy calls them Mr. Deer) walk by. Boko and I also watch TV from inside my house, PBS during the daylight hours for that educational perspective on life, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (we love those noises) and now we watch the Animal Planet until Daddy gets us ready for the evening sleep. We used to watch the Cartoon Network, but that kept riling me up too much.

If you want to ask me (or Boko) questions about any of this information, send us mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. I'll ask my Daddy for help on any questions if I need to. Sometimes he answers me in a way I can understand.

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