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My name is Boko and I'm no longer just a baby, I'm over 3 years old! I'm learning more about life with Daddy day by day. I am a Congo African Grey and I moved into this place in December of 1996. I've learned to give this other BIG bird that's next to me a lot of space. My Daddy calls him Mac and I still try to be friendly but that bird is just so jealous of me. And if that wasn't enough, there's this new monster that looks like me, but he sure isn't nice like me. His name is Nunzio and he's some old crabby bird I think.

If you want to see me during the day (~10am - ~9pm EST), go visit The Boko and Nunzio Cam! Or, if you'd rather look at that other monster, you can see him on The Mac Cam! I like to play either on my nice fake wooden tree behind Mac's house OR I'm out on my black metal cage. Daddy originally built the tree for Mac but I took it over! Daddy has promised me he's working on an extension to Mac's house so I'll have my own nice clear area to play in real soon now.

I've learned to say so many things that I convinced my Daddy to make a separate page of them. You can go check out the Boko Bird Words and see for yourself.

You can also go see some pictures of me and the rest of Daddy's zoo by clicking here.

If you want to ask me questions and/or express your opinions to me, send me mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. Please say it's for me, Boko, as Mac won't let me read email that he gets.

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