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My name is Nunzio and I'm the new kid on the block around here. Even though I'm older than everyone else here (I'm over 8 years old). I am a Cameroon African Grey and I moved into this place in August of 1999. Even though I'm a little bird I have a big attitude so I'm teaching everyone here to stay clear of me. That big bird Mac even has to stand down when he tries to take me on. But I sure wish I could get near the new love in my life, that Boko, who's a Congo African Grey (CAG).

If you want to see me during the day (~10:30am - ~10pm EST), go visit The Boko/Nunzio Cam! Or, if you'd rather look at that other monster, you can see him on The Mac Cam! I like to play on my little cage and I also have a nice rope nearby that I can climb up on.

I don't talk like that Boko does (at least not that I've let my Daddy hear). You can go check out Boko talking if you want on the Boko Bird Words.

If you want to ask me questions and/or express your opinions to me, you can send me mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. Please say it's for me, Nunzio, as Mac won't let anyone read email that he gets.

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