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On November 25th, 1999, I was the lucky one this year. All them other monsters stayed home and I got to go with Daddy to have some fun! I got one of my most favorite foods, mashed potatoes! Mmmmmmm....Those are soooooo goooooood....I also got to see those big dogs that run around this strange house all the time. They never stop is seems until some big human yells and then they go outside. Boy, and I thought I had a lot of energy.

On October 29th, 1999, now there's trouble...Daddy rearranged our bird room and put that dang Nunzio closer to me. I told Daddy I don't like him, he wants to do funny things to me and he's already bitten me twice, so, I don't want to have anything to do with him. But that doesn't seem to phase my Daddy at all, he still put Nunzio close and now he's hogging my prime time on the camera! I still get top billing but who knows, that may change next!

On September 12th, 1999, I finally got my Daddy to update my pages (at least a little). He's been really busy around us lately, claims he's working. He also says that something about DNA makes me a girl bird (hmmmm...is that good or bad?). The other big news is there's a new friend in the house, his name is Nunzio. He looks like me but he likes to bite me so Daddy doesn't let him come near me. Good luck to him trying to get Daddy to put him on the web!

On February 28th, 1999, I got Daddy to update my Boko Words so you can actually hear me talking! I know some of my fans have been asking for that. Well, now all the bandwidth will be gone!!!

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You can go see some pictures of me and the rest of Daddy's zoo by clicking here.

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