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The Star
Even though Daddy gets to see hundreds of pictures of us each week and shows the best ones on The Weekly Mac Shots, there's still more! These pictures depict more activities around our house that don't get captured by The Mac Cam or The Boko Cam! Daddy took these with some 35mm camera and got the pictures in computer format for us (we like our Daddy).

We just got Daddy started on this so please bear with us as Boko and I argue about a better format...

If you want to ask me (Mac) or Boko questions and/or express your opinions to us, send mail to us. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. Please specify if it's for Boko, otherwise I'll just read it myself.

Boko w/an evil eye outside in his tree. Boko and Mac outside on their tree.
Mac showing Boko how to play on the tree. Mac looking very serious on a tree.
Mac encounters Mr. Turkey at the door! Mr. Turkey showing off.
Mr. Turkey watching over his family. Mr. Turkey and family just before spring started.
Yet another species to keep Mac and Boko entertained.

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