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The Star
This is part of a running tally of news items previously found on my main page. It also serves as my diary so I can go back and remember all these moments in my life.

I've been living with my crazy Daddy since August of 1995. He treats me extremely well, as you'll see if you look at my pictures. Have you seen the house he built for me? I can't call it a cage, it's too big and there's no bars! And to top all that, there's the Mac Cam!

December 28th, 1997, Daddy took Boko and me to some strange place the other day. There were lots of other people there and we had all kinds of nice food to eat. It was a lot of fun. We even got new toys! Of course, Boko is afraid of his new toys so I'll just chew them up myself (ha ha).

November 6th, 1997, For those that aren't aware of this, The Mac Cam web server has moved! It's now right here next to my house! Daddy worked really hard to try to make the move smooth and based on our statistics, he did a pretty good job!

That darn Boko is trying to steal the show again. I keep finding him in my house in the morning, until Daddy puts me in there. Then he can't get out quick enough (heh, heh, very evil grin). And he gets more showers than I do too! Just because I take five times longer and I actually enjoy the shower! I want one every day!!!

November 9th, 1997, The Mac Cam has been visited by birds (and people probably) from over 50 different countries around the world! Boko and I had a lot of fun this past week as you'll see in The Weekly Mac Shots.

October 5th, 1997, Boko finally started playing with his new toys. Good thing too, I was going to grab them all for myself. You can see both of us play with them right here on The Mac Cam...

I'm giving him a little more slack lately. Daddy seems to get really upset with me when I try to rip Boko's head off. I can just barely tolerate that little squirt. I do like to play tag with him however, hmmmmmm...maybe he's not so bad....

September 7th, 1997, Wow! Daddy got Boko and me lots of new toys! Wow! They're really big for me! I love them...Go see me playing with them on The Mac Cam...Boko isn't playing with his though, he's afraid of them (ah ha ha ha).

August 24th, 1997, Boko and I went on a picnic with our Daddy today! We had a really good time. Lots of nice food, we got to see grandma and all kinds of people were there to pay attention to us. We sure got tired though...

August 20th, 1997, Boko and I have worked out another new page to make sure Daddy keeps working in front of us as much as possible. We now have The Mac and Boko Photo Album. These are pictures that Daddy has taken of us and other members of zoo that live in and around here.

August 17th, 1997, Boko is learning more new words, trying to show me up. Now he's saying "Hey Burt" and "Hey Barney" all the time. He's driving me crazy (not to mention how Daddy feels when he hears Barney!). Daddy still is paying lots of attention to us, so life is just grand...

July 28th, 1997, Boko and I have been having a blast lately. Daddy has been paying attention to us, we've been getting showers, life is GREAT!

I also came up with a new idea for my pages, The Weekly Mac Shots. You'll be able to see my best poses over the last week, just by clicking here.

July 9th, 1997, Boy, my Daddy just won't let me at this dang computer thing. So, the latest news is Boko and I went on a July 4th picnic! It was great, we both went for a ride in that strange box Daddy puts us in (we each have our own), we got to eat all kinds of food and we played with Daddy all day!!!

June 2nd, 1997, Although I haven't posted any news lately, a lot has been going on. Daddy is really busy in our room here. Boko and I have been getting nice showers and going outside to dry in the sun. Now that the outside is turning green again, Daddy brings us to a nice tree so we can chomp on it. I had to teach Boko how to do it though. Sometimes I wonder if he's a bird or what...

Our wild turkey friends come by to see us a lot now. They seem to like Daddy, he keeps feeding them stuff we don't like. I can get them to gobble just by squawking :)

April 13th, 1997, Gobble   Gobble   Yes! Boko (my sidekick) and I have learned how to gobble just like those wild turkeys outside. It's great, we are driving Daddy crazy because we're getting so good at it. I sure hope they keep coming by, they have such a nice family. I especially like them every morning when they wake Daddy up early. Boko and I get to play more before he goes to work!

March 28th, 1997, Yippeee! My Daddy stayed home from work today, gave me and Boko a shower and I WENT OUTSIDE for the first time since all that white stuff went away! Wow! It's just so nice to sit in the sun and dry my feathers. I love it! I feel great today!

March 21st, 1997, Boy, that first day of spring sure had me going...I just couldn't stop playing in anticipation of my Daddy letting me go outside again when it warms up! This craziness produced some really neat pictures as well on the Mac Moments page...

March 8th, 1997, My Daddy went and re-arranged my ropes again! I could bite him for doing that (in fact, I did). How dare he, just after I've completely memorized the other arrangement.

Boko, that new bird, isn't so bad after all. I am actually beginning to tolerate him for more than 10 seconds at a time. Daddy put us in the shower together too. I enjoy my shower too much to pay much attention to him though. :-)

February 23rd, 1997, I'm now listed in Yahoo under the category Individual Birds. I don't see the big deal, but my Daddy is happy.

I also just got over a small little sickness that lasted 3 days. My Daddy brought me to a new place and they were touching me and talking to me a lot. Then we came home and Daddy forced me to take some yukky stuff. He said I was sick because I ate something bad. I sure do like my wooden toys :-).

January 13th, 1997, I'm now officially in the Parrot Ring. Scroll to the bottom of this page to select places to go in this ring of web pages.

January 5th, 1997, My Daddy still loves me...Even though he's been paying attention to that new bird Boko (the CAG), he at least honored me with the Mac Moments collection of my most picturesque moments on the web. There's some really great shots of me there...

If you want to ask me questions about any of this information, send me mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. I'll ask my Daddy for help on any questions if I need to. Sometimes he answers me in a way I can understand.

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