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This is part of a running tally of news items previously found on my main page. It also serves as my diary so I can go back and remember all these moments in my life.

I've been living with my crazy Daddy since December 1996. He treats me extremely well, as you'll see if you look at my pictures. Make sure you go check out the Boko Cam!

On December 27th, 1998, Daddy finally broke down and I now have my very own camera to take pictures of me! I'm so happy because all kinds of people kept writing to me asking that I get into more pictures. Well, now I'll be in plenty of pictures!!! So go visit The Boko Cam!

On December 25th, 1998, Wow! Did I have a good time today! Daddy took me and that monster Mac for a ride in that car thing and I got to see all kinds of neat things. Then we went to this house (we've been there before) and I was flying all over the place because there were lots of people and animals spooking me. But it's ok (a favorite phrase of mine) because my Daddy would come and save me every time. So now I'm back in my comfortable setting but I sure hope we go for a ride again soon!

On November 29th, 1998, Mac and I went out with our Daddy! I got scared a couple of times and flew around this other house we went too. There were cats and dogs running all over the place! Good thing my wings started working again! Mac showed them not to mess with us birds...at least sometimes I like having him around. And I impressed everyone with my vocabulary as usual...

On October 26, 1998, I got my Daddy to create the Boko Bird Words page, so everyone can see all the great words and phrases that I know. He wants me to say them all into this funny thing he sticks in my face, but I just clam up and look the other way...

On June 7, 1998, my Daddy was around a lot this weekend and both Mac and I took showers and got to play outside in a really nice tree! It was a lot of fun. And it was my birthday! I'm two years old now!!! Daddy says I'm no longer just a baby and I have to start behaving like Mac (ha ha ha) - so I guess that means I have to bite him!!! I'm also starting to mimic the things that Mac does. Boy does that drive Mac crazy!!!

On April 19, 1998, I got to go with my Daddy again for a long ride. Mac came with us this time, so I didn't get all the attention like last week. But it was still a lot of fun. Daddy and I sang in the car all the way down to Grandma's. There was somebody else in the car with us, but I payed no attention to him and sang up a storm. I can also say Good Morning now too. I like saying it all day long... On April 12, 1998, I got to go with my Daddy for Easter dinner. It was a lot of fun, since my arch rival Mac didn't go with us. I got all the attention when we got to wherever Daddy took me. I got to eat some good food and watch Daddy shoot pool and then there were these big doggies and it was a lot of fun. I was pretty tired after todays activities (it started with a shower) and went to bed without any complaining. I also just started to say Good Morning today too. My Daddy thinks that's really neat, but it's no big thing to me.

On February 22, 1998, I had my shower with Mac. I used to get a shower every day, but now I only get them every other day, with Mac. My feathers are finally starting to grow in completely. They were all chopped up for a long time. Daddy didn't do that, but some other people did. Daddy let me grow them to their regular length so they look really pretty. I don't try to fly either, because I'm too scared. It is much better to just stay on my tree and cage.

On December 28, 1997, I went for a long ride with my Daddy. He said we went to my Grandma's house. Then we had dinner and I flew right over into someone's plate of spaghetti! It was too quiet at the time so I thought I'd stir things up. By the time we left, it was dark, but I like to ride in the car with my Daddy. I was glad to come home and see Mac again. These last few days have been quite hectic around here...

On November 29, 1997, I went outside with my Daddy. But I got real excited right away without Mac and I took off, flying around the house! Boy was Daddy suprised. I went way up into this tree and stayed there for a while, watching Daddy get this big noisy thing he climbed up on. Then he tried to get me with a stick so I took off again! I said I'll never be caught (ha ha ha!). Then I flew down to the ground, cause I could tell Daddy was getting a little upset over all this. So he came over and told me I wasn't supposed to go flying around outside and then we went back inside. Oh well, fun is.

On November 2, 1997, I went to go see Grandma. Mac stayed home so I really got to enjoy being with my Daddy alone for a change. But I sure was tired when we got home. I really like going for rides with Daddy.

If you want to ask me questions about any of this information, send me mail. We used to get too much spam so you'll have to type in the word maccam followed by the at sign followed by attglobal.net. I'll ask my Daddy for help on any questions if I need to. Sometimes he answers me in a way I can understand.

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