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The Star
Here are some of the more memorable moments that my Daddy has saved for me. You'll see me performing stunts, clowning around or sometimes just being a bit lonely. Most of these JPEGs are smaller than the full Mac Cam shots, as my Daddy cropped off all but the more interesting parts. Enjoy.

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My famous back flip! Me rolled up as a ball
NEW-> Keeping myself beautiful. I like biting my toys a lot
NEW-> Lost in deep thoughts... An almost tragic fall...
Nothing but feathers! Boy, am I happy
Another happy bird shot NEW-> Maybe I'm just a happy bird.
NEW-> Clearly hanging by a single toe! I want to hold all my toys at once
I can reach that... Is that really me?
A lonely looking me What is that thing pointing at me???
A toy I haven't seen for a while! Peek A Boo, I See You!
Can you move your head this fast? I love my toys...
Look out, I'm sideways... And here I am, sideways again...
Spring is here! Spring is here! Help, I'm tangled inside this ring!
NEW-> Sometimes these toys get a little tricky. How do I turn that camera off!
One day I'll figure out what that thing is! Oh no, I'm upside down!
Hi there, I'm waving to you In fact, I like to wave to my fans...
Are you looking at me??? NEW-> Hey, who's there?
I'm going crazy! Somebody chopped my head off!
One word: YIPPEE!

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